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  • Mattress with Built-In Pillow


    1. Unique air valve technology
    2. Water and stain resistant
    3. Lightweight and easy to transport
    4. Affordable and economical
    5. Two stylish colors
    6. Free tote bag

    The Karma Air Cushion Mattress and Pillow (78”x26”x2.5”) is the only mattress you will ever need for any day trip or overnight excursion.  With no pumps and no lumps the Karma Air Mattress and Pillow inflates in just minutes thanks to its simple and unique air valve technology.  With just a quick twist, set up your campfire as the Karma Air mattress does all the work on its own.  Going on a picnic or to the beach? Sending your child on an overnight?  The Karma Air Mattress and Pillow is so simple to use, even a child can do it.  Like all versatile Karma Air products, simply twist the valve at the foot of the mattress and watch how it self-inflates. Once your Karma Air Mattress with Built-In Pillow has reached its maximum inflation, simply close the valve and enjoy your air-tight water-and-stain resistant mattress outdoors or in. Want a larger sleeping surface? Order two and snap them together side by side or one on top of the other for extra thickness! Order yours today.

  • Color

     Blue - Red









    Packed dimension


    Top fabric type


    Bottom fabric type


    Fill material

    Urethane foam