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    1. Unique air valve technology
    2. Easily adjusts to your body
    3. Water and stain resistant
    4. Lightweight and easy to transport
    5. Affordable and economical
    6. Three stylish colors
    7. Free tote bag


    The Standard-sized Karma Air Cushion (18”x15”x2”) comes in three stylish colors and is suitable for any environment.  Its unique air valve technology allows for quick and easy inflation, taking a fraction of the time of most leading inflatable support systems – without the use of pesky pumps.  Simply turn the valve and the Karma Air Cushion instantly begins to inflate in a matter of seconds. Tighten the valve and sit on the cushion. Once you sit down on your cushion, twist the valve again and feel how the Karma Air Cushion instantly conforms to your body, leaving you feeling comfortable and well supported. Once your perfect comfort position is achieved tighten the valve to maintain that position.  Water-and-stain resistant, the Standard size Karma Air Cushion is easy to keep clean and can be used in practically every environment from the office to your own backyard.  Finished with your Karma Air Cushion? Simply twist the valve and roll up your Karma Air Cushion to fit into any convenient space.  Planning on taking a trip?  The Standard size Karma Air Cushion is perfect for frequent flyers as it fits easily into tight spaces such as airplane seats and is lightweight enough to accompany you on any trip you plan on taking.  What are you waiting for?  Order your Karma Air Cushion today!

  • Color

     Black - Burgundy - Camel


    10 oz







    Packed dimension

    18" x 4"

    Top fabric type


    Bottom fabric type


    Fill material

    Urethane foam